Community Note



We serve each of our members and customers with great care, best service. In order for that, we need our customers to share consistent communication and feedback. Our community members and customers are in the promise to follow a few rules below.

1. We are in the understand of 'Free shipping to worldwide' which normally takes amount a month, but it goes different depends on the customers location. We are under the promise to do our best to ship as most safe and fast as possible, and our customers as well patiently respect our efforts to serve them with good consideration. 


2. Our communities respect each others opinions, among with our managers, via active communication and honest feedback. Leaving the reviews on our shop, and also through their social platforms helps much on it.


3. More to talk about reviews and activities on your social platform..

Please make sure to leave even just a short review after you've got your package, because there's nothing more important than your own opinion, on using our products and service. If there's anything you want us to fix or improve, don't hesitate to talk to us. We are always opened to listen all of your opinions with desire to make our customers happier than every yesterday.

It's totally up to you whether to post about our brand and share with your friends and family or not, but if you think our product is worth to share, and let your people around know our products and deals, we would be grateful on that. 

Most of our community members are being very active individuals on their facebook, instagram account. So If you're also having your own account and interested posting about fashion, let's do that! Feel free to spread the word if you really like our products. Tag us in case we can see. Tag @coppola_style (Our official company account) and let us feature you, or either catch your daily moments!


4. This doesn't happen often, but we'll shortly mention here.

- If you forgot using your code and feels like overly charged than you expected, tell us right away so that we can fix and get the money back to you in a second.

- If the size is too far from your fit, simply ask us for return or change then all things goes alright!

- It sometimes takes from 3 to 6 business days for checking through delivery process for secure, protected shipment to clear location where you are at. We'll let you know about it with tracking code.


These are basically what we've noted to our groups and customers. You are maybe first to shop here, or 2nd above to shop here. Many shoppers here are saying we are running great services, deals and offers. But even tho there could be flaws to a specific customers that we might have missed to care. We don't wanna let that happen. So always keep in touch with us, stay with us, and communicate actively.

Thank you so much for your read.