Coppola Story

Since the start of 2018,
we've been the newest company that figured
to showcase current trending fashion products.
The background of our company stems from a desire, passion,
and compassion to communicate with people
all over the world about anything fashion related.
What we can narrate about our company is, 
we are all ready to be a partner and a friend
with anyone as fashion obsessed as us.
Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: After having to choose between overpriced and hype-beast designer brands that disrespect your intelligence, with disrespectful quality.
Coppola was found to have alternative: To produce products of quality, simplicity and craftsmanship with an obsessive attention to detail, for women who know they shouldn't have to overpay to look good.

We believe that when you spend money, you should get its worth.
From price, customer service, and the product itself.

We've spent long periods finding the decent factories around the world. The result: All products are produced by factories with decades of experience crafting clothes and plenty of handmade accessories.

As a result, people worldwide now have a personal long term relationship with what we make.
With a revolutionary price that you don't need to feel overly charged,
you too can start building a personal relationship with Coppola.

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We'll share you our pieces of work
that would stay on your memory as a pleasure.
" We design products, and it's up to you turning it into your own style."
We are excited to see your smile and the future
that our products will have its own journey with you.
We believe that all those items you'll meet in person
will be a shine, once it earns your individual specialty.
If you're now happened to meet us for the first time,
we're very glad you are here!
You are the client we offer our service 
and you will be the proudest,
crucial guest to us.
Thank you.